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Wife to Ryan Alexander, the sweetest man I know {7.7.12}
Mama to Lily Isabella, precious flower {4.23.13}




"Sun hot on my face, I was sure my lips and cheeks were burnt by now.

I was laying on the rocks close to the ocean’s shoreline when I saw a man with beautiful curly black hair walk past me, camera in hand, looking for something. He began staring at me. I feel awkward in a swimsuit, I don’t like having that much of my skin to be bare and visible, so I grew defensive. I could feel my eyebrows tense up. Eating my lemon gelato with one hand, propping myself up on the rocks with the other, I say to him, “Why are you staring at me?” I have a bit of a flaw of not biting my tongue when ignoring someone is actually the best option, I am quite sassy and unapproachable to stranger men. He walks closer, and my heart starts pounding, thinking “why did I say that?” wondering “what is wrong with you?” pleading myself to not talk to strangers again. He asks in this unbearably adorable accent, “What?” I point to my eyes and say “Staring.” He replies “Beautiful.” and before I could say anything else he is asking if he can put his things next to me while he swims and takes pictures in the water.

I feel embarrassed for being rude, I feel sweet vibrations from him now and tell him yes, but instead of going into the ocean like he just said he was going to do, he sits down right next to me. My arm that is holding me up is shaking, my wrist hurts, I’m not sure why I didn’t move my body to a more comfortable position, I was frozen. Gelato melting down my hand, I remember “Oh yes, gelato melts if you don’t eat it,”  I am the one staring now. His friend is with him as well, a traveling photographer, works for months at a time and travels for months at a time, like me. A beautiful language barrier, forcing body language, smiles, and eye contact to be enough when we didn’t have the words.

Majid, the man with honey colored skin and black locks asks me if I want to swim in the ocean, he pulls me out far into the water, we find a rock to stand on, bodies flowing with the waves, forward, backward, arms out, mermaid hair and little curls next to my face from the heat. All he can do is smile and ask me questions. All I could do was smile and answer his curiosity. Salt in my eyes but I couldn’t close them, I just wanted to look at him. Waves would come in strong and he would lift me by my waist so I wouldn’t float too far. I told him my boat would come soon. He begged me to stay on the island, and I would have, if my mother didn’t insist we stay to the itinerary and drive to Rome the next day as planned. He had just come from Rome the day before, and was supposed to stay on the island with his friend for a few more days. The two of these men live a life parallel to mine. Constantly moving and creating. Smitten doesn’t explain. We swam back and he pleaded with my mother to change our plans, I knew that we couldn’t. I wanted to keep this day forever, so instead of being sad I knew what to do. I grabbed my mothers new 5dmkiii and took him by the hand into the other side of the ocean, more shallow, filled with rocks and bright turquoise water. His personality was as big as that ocean, climbing rocks, jumping off rocks, speaking to me through his eyes. He tells me in his sweet accent, “Maybe one day, you are my wife, and we tell our babies, I met your mama on the Island of Capri, look at these photos she took of me.” That sounded lovely and perfect. I felt done with my life in America. I felt like I was his, I felt like he was mine. How can that happen? We saw my boat coming from far away toward the dock and we hurried back to my things, we hugged three times and exchanged information. As I waited on the dock, feet dangling in the ocean, I see him swim to an anchored sailboat across from me, 100 feet away, watching me, smiling, with both of his arms behind him hanging onto the bobbing boat. I smile as the women behind me laugh. I wave to him and shout to him, asking him to swim to me. He starts swimming, finds a rope on the side of the platform, climbs up, dripping salty water and sits next to me, kisses my forehead and tells me he is coming to Rome to see me, that he had to, that this is God’s doing.

I watched him stand on the dock motionless as he watched our boat take us away into the ocean.

A man of his word, he convinced his poor friend to drive back to Rome, even though they were just there, to see the girl he met on Capri. “Amore” over and over he would voice when we would video chat via Skype. Suddenly he was at my hotel in Rome, nervous but heart-swelled as I was. It was midnight, and he brought us to the center of the city for a full tour, in the darkness decorated with yellow street lights. He mentioned that he felt that we were in a film, “with this lighting, this city, this emotion.” The kind of sentence that can win a girl like me over instantly. Walking through cobble stone streets he held my hand, gripping it tighter when my footing would slip. Quiet streets. Sweet stories of his childhood. We walked until four in the morning. He brought us to the Trevi fountain, I knew that I had seen the fountain before but couldn’t place it. He kissed my lips and said “Amore, I much like your kiss.” Smiled, and asked if he could show me something. He played me a video of the scene in the 1960′s black and white film, “La Dolce Vita,” where the woman climbs in the fountain and wades around until her man follows her in, I asked him “What if I were to do that?”

He laughs and said, “I would follow you. Anywhere.””

- Madison Dubé’s love story on the island of Capri, from Swollen Hearts in Sorrento

One of my absolute favorite blog posts in the world.

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“Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul.” —Joanne Harris (via a-thousand-words)

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I wonder if people will look back years from now and be sad that they over-edited so many photos of important moments with (current) trendy Instagram filters.


Two Friends, One Project, Silvia + Freddy

Thanks to a Facebook photography group, Silvia and Freddy quickly became friends and soon learned that they were from the same city, Bergamo in Lombardy, Italy. Silvia lived in Venice for her studies, however. Once a month, she decided she would return back home to Bergamo to work on a collaborative project with Freddy. 

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first swim, 2 months
with papa

first swim, 2 months

with papa

The past two months have been so, so wonderful. Ryan and I welcomed an absolutely perfect daughter into our home on April 20th and life has never been better. Meet our sweet little angel, Lily Isabella. :)

26 Baby Sleep Solutions -

Selena Gomez - Come & Get It (by SelenaGomezVEVO)


Miranda Kerr's Green Smoothie Recipe

Need to try this! :)

Delicious breakfast today. Mama and baby are both very happy. :) 


A collection of my favourite woodland places. :)

We’re welcoming a daughter into our home this month. This will be her room. :)


Victorian Maiden JSK!

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This is our little balcony area. I love that for each day that passes our little place is becoming more and more of a home. And this month we will welcome a daughter into our home.

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